Stormy weather in Bordeaux

Well, I guess I’ll make the first international contribution to the collective VinExpo blog, since I was in attendance last week too!


June in France has been warm and remarkably wet and stormy this year. Sunday evening, of the first day of VinExpo saw an impressive storm pass through the Bordeaux region. An impressive show of lightning accompanied by strong winds and rain. Parts of the right bank even saw scattered hail. A tree and several branches were downed in my mother-in-law’s yard, and many of the vines that had been recently attached to the training wires were knocked down or broken.

This weather is far from typical in Bordeaux, where it rains regularly during the summer, but more like every week or two, not every day or two. Ironically, VinExpo visitors unfamiliar with the area (like some Australians I spoke with), may have gotten the impression that this weather is typical. In fact the unusual humidity combined with the high temperatures accelerates the threat of problems with powdery and downy mildew for the 2007 vintage.


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